Irasco shareholders are ASCOTEC HOLDING GMBH, focused on the industrial development, know-how transfer, technology and industrial trading between Iran and international markets, with office in Düsseldorf, Germany which owns 51% of its capital, that belongs to IMIDRO group (Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization) the most effective and prestigious organization in the field of mines and mining industries in Iran which mission is to empower and make competitive the extractive industry converting its resources and products to sustainable wealth of Iran.

The minority shareholder is IRITEC Iran International Engineering Company that executes large-scale, multi-lateral and versatile projects on turn-key basis rendering services such as designing, equipment procurement, installation, technical inspection for metallurgy industries, oil, gas, petrochemical industries and mines and minerals, with office in Teheran, Iran which owns the remaining 49% shares.

ifmat - Irasco Shareholders


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