It’s unlikely, however, Tehran was able to acquire any information concerning advanced nuclear technology

Computer experts working on behalf of the Islamic Republic successfully hacked into hundreds of Israeli computers in a massive cyber attack carried out last year.

Citing an internal report commissioned by cyber security company ClearSky, Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth revealed on Sunday that Iran successfully conducted a wide-scale data mining operation that collected intelligence information from numerous governments, including Israel.

The data breach also compromised “numerous companies and organizations from the IT, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Government, and Security sectors around the world.”

CEO Boaz Dolev told Yedioth that despite the cyber attack, it was unlikely Tehran was able to acquire any information concerning advanced nuclear technology.

“They can’t even get close to such information,” Dolev told Yedioth.

The attack, dubbed the “Fox Kitten Campaign,” was conducted over the last quarter of 2019 against dozens of organizations and companies in Israel, along with similar entities in the US, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and various European countries.

According to ClearSky, the cyber attack was aimed at accomplishing four goals: Develop and maintain access routes to the targeted organizations; Steal valuable information from the targeted organizations; Maintain a long-lasting foothold at the targeted organizations; Breach additional companies through supply-chain attacks.

“We estimate the campaign revealed in this report to be among Iran’s most continuous and comprehensive campaigns revealed until now,” ClearSky said in its report.

Source » i24news