The chairman of the Israel Resilience party attacked Sunday at the Munich conference the Iranian foreign minister’s words this morning at the conference.

“You have just heard foreign minister Zarif. Do not be deceived by his eloquence,” Gantz said.

“Do not be fooled by his lies. As IDF former Chief of Staff, I saw first-hand precise information regarding what is really happening in Iran. Hence, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the regime Mr. Zarif represents is an evil one.

“It publicly calls for the destruction of my nation. It Hangs gays. It oppresses women. It persecutes minorities and violates human rights. It undermines stability throughout the Middle East and sponsors terror all over the globe. It represents a grave danger to the Middle East and world order. It is the Nemesis of everything the people in this hall hold dear-and believe in.

“It is no secret that Prime Minister Netanyahu is my political rival. We disagree on many issues. But make no mistakes – we are both devoted sons of the same nation. When Israel’s security is under threat, there is no daylight between us. On this critical issue there is no right or left. There is no coalition or opposition. When it comes to defending Israel- we are united.

“I am standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Prime Minister Netanyahu in the fight against Iran’s aggression. I am certain he will do the same when I will be the Prime Minister of Israel,” Gantz added.

Gantz called Hezbollah “the most dangerous terrori organization in the world.”

“Those in Europe who seek peace, security and stability- must take action and fully designate Hezbollah as the terror organization that it is. Inaction is unacceptable.

“We have all seen the tragedy in Syria […] But the good news is that in many ways pragmatic Arabs and Israelis are closer than ever before. Many in the Arab world have realized that Israel is not part of the problem but part of the solution,” Gantz said.

Source » israelnationalnews