Iranian contractors, government and hospital employees, and creditors rallied in Tehran while Isfahan environmentalists, creditors in Mashhad and workers in Zanjan and Tabriz held protest rallies in one day in Iran.
Tehran contractors demand unpaid debts

ILNA state-run news agency reported on Sunday that a group of contractors from the Tehran Municipality gathered outside the city council. They were demanding their unpaid debts from the municipality.

The protesters chanted for the resignation of Tehran’s Mayor, Hanachi, who recently took office in December 2018. They also chanted, “We want our money”.

Current city officials have said that Tehran’s municipally has 54 million tomans in debt, thanks to Mohammad Qalibaf, Tehran’s former mayor and former IRGC commander.
Equity Shares employees demand 48 months of delayed paychecks

A group of employees from the Equity Shares described as a sort of government subsidy plan, rallied outside the Ministry of Economy in Tehran demanding their unpaid wages.

The protesters had come from all over Iran to partake in the rally.

“We are around 1,500 people who have worked in the Equity Shares offices for 12 years but the state of our occupation has still not been determined,” a protester told ILNA.

“We have not received 48 months of our wages which has left us in a very poor livelihood conditions,” he added.

Karaj hospital workers demand up to 11 months of delayed paychecks

Workers and employees of the Khomeini Hospital in Karaj gathered in the hospital campus on Sunday in protest to their delayed paychecks.

One of the protesters said that they would take their protests to the governorate’s office in Alborz Province in the next couple of days if their demands were not met.

The protester said that the employees and hospital workers had not received four months of their minimum wages adding that between 8 to 11 months of their bonuses had also not been given to them.

Tehran creditors demand stolen savings

A group of creditor who have lost their savings to the Samen Gold Site gathered outside Tehran’s Central Bank demanding their lost savings.

The protesters chanted, “Iran is den of thieves and is one of a kind in the world”.

Isfahan environmentalists protest re-drying of river

A group of environmentalists and residents of Isfahan gathered on Sunday in the central city in protest to government’s blockages of water coming into Zayanderud River.

Officials had temporarily opened the water for 20 days as a way of ending year long rallies by angry farmers protesting water shortages that had destroyed their crops.

Mashhad creditors protest stolen savings by IRGC backed credit institute

Creditors in Mashhad who have lost their savings to the Revolutionary Guards Corps affiliated Caspian Credit Institution gathered outside the institution’s offices demanding their savings.

These protests have been ongoing for the past two years with the government and central bank promising the creditors their money back.

Zanjan workers protest 5 months of unpaid wages

Workers of a vegetable oil factory in the northwestern province of Zanjan gathered on Sunday in protest to their unpaid wages and issues with their insurance plans.

The protesters have said that they have not received five months of their wages and that the factory is facing problems in acquiring raw materials.

Khuzestan municipality workers protest 6 months of unpaid wages

Workers of the Bastan Municipality in the southern province of Khuzestan gathered on Sunday. They said that they were protesting six months of delayed paychecks and issues with their insurance plans.

Tabriz entertainment complex project workers and employees demand 7 months of unpaid wages

Workers and employees who are working on the construction of the Aysan Complex, a large business and entertainment complex set to be built in downtown Tabriz, gathered in protest to seven months of their delayed paychecks.

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