Iran regime trying to isolate country from world

The Iranian Regime’s ban on the teaching of English in its public schools is just the latest in a long line of measures designed to restrict the Iranian people’s access to information in order to control the population and show them only the mullahs’ ideology.

The mullahs see a well-rounded education as a threat to their continued rule because they know that it is easier to control people who can’t read English language reports of Iran’s human rights abuses, who can’t study world history and see countries like theirs fall in the face of democratic powers, and who can’t study politics and learn that Iran is not the democracy it claims to be.

This method is combined with a virtual media blackout, whereby the Regime puts incredible restrictions on the Free Press, jails (or worse) Iranians who write unfavourably about the Regime, and make satellite dishes (that can access Western channels) illegal.

The Regime knows that it is easier to stay in power if the people don’t know how things work in other countries and don’t realise that they have the power to change things.

Tony Duheaume wrote on Al Arabiya: “The Iranian regime’s ban on the teaching of English in its schools is just an extension of its attempt at dumbing down the population in order to force feed them the ideology of [former Supreme Leader] Ruhollah Khomeini.”

Since 1979, the Iranian Regime has taken many measures to prevent the Iranian people from getting rid of the mullahs, including mass execution, the banning of political parties, and the imprisonment of political prisoners.

However, it is their attempts at controlling the minds of the Iranian people that are perhaps most extreme to Western powers; something which draws comparisons to North Korea.


The Iranian Regime has banned the speaking of languages other than Farsi in public or in schools, which that only serves to erase the cultural identity of immigrants and minorities and make them less like to rebel. The Regime has even closed schools in some areas, so that children wanting an education will have to travel farther and in most cases drop out.

Where there are high levels of illiteracy, the Regime does not invest in education. They consider it a job well done because it restricts the people’s ability to engage in politics or consume the media.


The media in Iran is also restricted from reporting in other languages and anyone who violates this rule risks jail and execution. The Regime has even forcibly removed satellite dishes from residential buildings in Iran to stop the people consuming media broadcast in other countries.

Make no mistake, this latest move from the Iranian Regime is not an attempt to stop the English language form dominating, it’s a form of cultural isolation that needs to be stopped in its tracks.

Source » ncr-iran

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