‘Below and above the surface, Iran is relentlessly working to destroy the State of Israel,’ says Israel’s Defense Minister Gallant

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant delivered a speech on Friday at the opening of the 59th Security Conference in Munich, Germany, where he denounced Iran’s efforts to export lethal weapons despite the embargo imposed on it.

The minister called on the international community to unite against the Islamic Republic’s efforts and work on regulating an alternative mechanism to the embargo on ground-to-ground missiles and drones that is set to expire at the end of this year.”Below and above the surface, Iran is relentlessly working to destroy the State of Israel. It does so both directly and through its proxies – the terrorist armies that operate near Israel’s borders. Iran threatens not only Israel but also the security and stability of Europe and the world at large,” said Gallant.

“Iran’s negative effects are becoming increasingly widespread, crossing continents and countries. In the past year, Iran has become a global exporter of deadly weapons and is in talks to sell them to as many as 50 countries worldwide. Iran supplies drones, with a range over 600 miles, to Eastern European countries, such as Belarus, and has also done so in the past in South America – to Venezuela,” he continued.

“If this is how Iran behaves when it does not have a nuclear capability, imagine a situation in which the murderous Ayatollahs’ regime holds a nuclear arsenal that is an intolerable threat to global security. We must use every possible tool – and I emphasize every possible tool – to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons.”

Source » i24news