Sori Babaei, a political prisoner who was granted temporary release last week to search for her missing daughter, has been threatened with rape by a judge while in custody, IranWire has learned.

Aida Moradbehrouzi, the 14-year-old daughter of Babaei and Mohammed Reza Moradbehrouzi, a former political detainee, has been missing for more than two weeks now, along with her classmate Hasti Mohammad Hossei, aged 13.

Babaei, who had been incarcerated since last year over her involvement in a campaign against mandatory hijab, was granted a 10-day leave on bail.

During her incarceration, Babaei was subjected to severe beatings on multiple occasions.

She was arrested after authorities forcefully entered her home without a warrant, breaking down the entrance door, and brutally assaulted the activist, who sustained severe injuries to her hands.

A police officer named Yazdan Porgohar, instructed officers to arrest this opponent of mandatory hijab, stating, “I want to crush Sori. Bring her down and handcuff her.”

Encountering resistance from Babaei in the presence of female agents, Porgohar resorted to physical violence, forcibly handcuffing the detainee.

She was coerced under duress into wearing the hijab and agreeing not to voice any objections.

“Against her inner wishes, she complied, solely motivated by the need to locate her daughter, Aida,” says a relative.

Babaei was informed that if she refrained from protesting and avoided talking to the media during her release from prison, the case against her might be dropped or she could be amnestied.

Permission to communicate with her family was granted after 10 months, on the condition that “no sound from her would be broadcast in the media” and “she would refrain from making any statements of significance.”

The injuries inflicted to this political prisoner while in custody were verified by the prison doctor and forensic experts.

Despite Babaei filing a complaint regarding the assault, she was informed that it would not be processed due to her refusal to wear a headscarf.

During court proceedings, Judge Ghodrat Bigdeli described himself as Babaei’s “death angel.”

The individual close to the family recounts, “This political prisoner detailed the assault she endured on the way to prison before Judge Bigdeli commended the officers’ actions.”

According to this reliable source, Judge Bigdeli’s threatened Babaei with rape in the presence of other judicial officials if she refused to comply with his orders regarding her attire in court.

Source » iranwire