On his first days in office, Mr Borrell, the new foreign minister for the EU, seems to bring his socialist justice agenda into the EU policy by showing his support for the “injustice” Iran has suffered at the hands of the West. As part of this view, Borrell supports Iran’s stated WMD policy while blaming the EU for failing to in keep Iran in the framework of the JCPOA.

In his last presentation during the Munich security Convention, Borrell nearly went as far as acting as Iran’s propaganda minister, using the same rhetoric used by Iranian officials to justify its agenda for the last two years. Chief of these was using Zarif’s last statements that due to the EU’s failing policy to support Iran vis-a-vis the US, Iran was forced to resume its nuclear program of enriching Uranium.

Borrell’s support of Iran should be of no surprise. The Eu’s top diplomat was born and raised as a politician in Catalunya, and has been for many years now resisted Spain’s and the EU’s policy towards Catalunya’s aspirations.

Furthermore, Borrells’ strict socialist worldview led him to oppose what he sees as the US’ global capitalist policy. It is this same worldview that leads him to perceive Iran as a victim of this global policy.

It seems only a matter of time until Borrell will promote the INSTEX financial system which will allow Iran to procure also all its needs to support its nuclear and missilery projects.

Borrell’s perception of Iran turns a blind eye to Iran’s wholesale violation of human rights which includes the murder and torture of its own citizens. All the while ignoring Iran’s desire to develop its own nuclear weapons in order to fulfil its own expansionist and imperialistic aspirations in the Middle East and towards Europe.

Borrell’s last visit to New Delhi (January 2020) was lauded by the Iranian regime as a huge victory for Iranian interests, allowing the regime to continue its inhuman policy and activities. One must remember that bargaining with Iran is never what it seems, since, Iran will do everything needed to keep its WMD projects alive.

It seems that Borrell is bringing into the EU a determined political agenda which suits his own worldview and goes against the EU’s interests vis-à-vis Iran.

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