Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi told Mehr News correspondent that “missile with different ranges will be launched from warships and for the first time submarine-launched missiles will also be practiced” in the large-scale naval drills dubbed ‘Velayat-97’, which kicked off earlier today.

According to Khanzadi, the ‘Velayat-97’ is carried out in a vast maneuver area which starts from the Strait of Hormuz and the Oman Sea, to the Indian Ocean.

The Navy commander said part of the Iranian naval forces capabilities’ will be displayed in the war games, adding that all the fleets participating will display their preparedness in the face of enemies’ threats.

He added that missiles will also be launched from the coast towards floating targets in the sea. The commander further noted that UAVs and helicopters will carry out their missions on deck of home-made Sahand destroyers.

With regard to the goals of ‘Velayat-97’ naval drills, khanzadi said that displaying the capabilities of the Iranian naval forces in addition to increasing the preparedness and skills of the naval forces are two major goals of the exercises. He added that the drills will also show the Iranian naval forces’ readiness to secure the access of friend and neighboring countries to international waters.

In response to Mehr News correspondent’s question regarding the achievements of 2018 Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) meeting in the southern Iranian city of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf, the Navy commander said that a working group was formed, a major achievement of which was reaching an agreement to hold a naval maneuver to tackle piracy.

He expressed hope the joint drills to tackle piracy would be held later this year in summer of autumn.

In response to another question put forward by Mehr News correspondent, he added Iranian naval forces have major presence in the Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and Aden Gulf, adding the Persian Gulf is completely secure, thanks to the IRGC naval forces.

Khanzadi added that the Strait of Hormuz is also secured by the Iranian Army Navy and navigation is continuing in the waterway. He also stated that the Iranian navy spares no efforts to secure the Strait of Hormuz’s functions, which is also to the advantage of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Navy commander went on to add that the 60th fleet is also navigating in the northern region of the Indian Ocean, in addition to a training fleet which is present in the Indian Ocean region and visits Indian ports on a regular basis. Overall, he said, there is meaningful and sustainable security in the region through the efforts of the Iranian Army Navy.

And finally, with respect to the launch of missiles from submarines for the first time during naval drills by Iranian naval forces, Khanzadi said “for the first time these weapons will be tested seriously and we can make the maritime regions unsafe for the enemy in any way possible.”

Source » mehrnews