According to reports from 26 out of the 31 provinces across the country, until 3:00 pm local time, the election farce has been totally boycotted and polling stations are empty.

In the early morning of today, election officials removed the fingerprint requirements for voters. An hour later, in its statement number 25, the election headquarters announced that people whose birth certificates lack pictures can also vote.

Mohammad Ali Al Hashem, Khamenei’s representative in Tabriz, blamed empty polling stations and the boycott on “enemy’s propaganda and hostile television stations reporting on the Coronavirus.” “The disseminate propaganda to dissuade people from voting,” he claimed.

Ahmad Alam ol-Hoda, Khamenei’s representative in Khorassan province, expressed his alarm and frustration over the nationwide boycott of the election farce. Distorting a remark by the Prophet of Islam, he ludicrously concluded, “Whoever does not vote is not a Muslim.”

Majid Ansari, one of the parliament candidates, tacitly admitted that polling stations were deserted this morning and expressed hope that “God willing participation would be better in the coming hours.”

So empty are polling stations in Sanandaj, where people have refused to go to the polling stations, that the regime has been taking the ballot boxes to people’s home, but even then, the people refuse to open the door. The regime has also transferred people from different parts of the country, especially from Lorestan and Kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces, to Tehran in 1,500 buses and dropped them at polling stations in Tehran to make them appear crowded.

Authorities have told prisoners that if they refuse to vote they would be denied leave and conditional release.

Source » ncr-iran