Bank Melli (Iran)

Bank Melli Iran which had been founded as a result of an economic exigency, developed at later stages into an active and dynamic element assuming an accelerating role in the country’s economic advancement.
In the year 1931 parliament granted sole powers to Bank Melli Iran to issue banknotes, thus establishing the bank as the country’s bank of issue. Thereafter the bank assumed responsibility for additional central bank functions including government-banking operations, the regulation of currency circulation, maintenance of balance of payments surpluses, credit regulation as well as supervision of the country’s banking system.
In the year 1960 pursuant to the promulgation of the State Banking and Monetary law and the establishment of Bank Markazi Iran (The Central Bank), Bank Melli Iran relinquished its central banking functions. Such development enabled Bank Melli Iran to concentrate more fully on commercial banking transactions and to achieve further success by taking long strides on that front.

Iran Foreign Investment Company

The Iran Foreign Investment Company (IFIC) was incoporated in March 1998 as a Private Joint Stock company with a mission to manage and expand Iranian holdings abroad.

A holding company, IFIC provides financing and financial services and makes investment around the world. IFIC has interest in energy, telecom and IT, banking, insurance, stock markets, industry, minning, oil, gas and petrochemicals as well as new and future techonologies.

Currently, IFIC ventures in different countries including Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Yemen, Namibia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Armenia.

IFMAT - ICD shares

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