A joint letter by 39 women’s and Iranian human rights organizations calls on EU countries to summon their ambassadors in unison on International Women’s Day, March 8, and demand the Islamic Republic:

– Stop detaining and committing violence against women who are calling for basic rights and freedoms in Iran.
– End the physical and sexual violence against women detainees and protesters.
– Cease all executions of political prisoners and annul all death sentences against protesters.

“This action will be recorded as one among several important moves by world leaders who chose to stand on the right side of history and in solidarity with the future leaders of Iran: women and young people,” said Jasmin Ramsey, deputy director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

“EU countries should support this action on March 8 to stand with Iranian women and girls who’ve faced bullets, arbitrary imprisonment, and sexual violence simply for demanding basic rights,” added Ramsey.

CHRI has delivered the letter to several EU countries’ missions and embassies in person in New York and DC, including to Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Along with the letter’s co-signatories, CHRI is also continuing outreach to all EU capitals.

Source » iranhumanrights