In a letter to the UN Secretary General, Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the UN demanded that the Houthi militias be listed as a terrorist group. He also accused the Iranian regime of threatening the international shipping by supporting Houthi militias to attack ships in Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.

Regarding the letter sent by Yemen’s government to the United Nations and complaining about the Iranian regime, Fayaz al-Naman, Yemen’s senior propaganda official, talks to Aljazeera TV:
“The letter written by Yemen’s Ambassador to the UN has described all the reasons why Houthis should be listed as a terrorist group, proving that they are no different from other terrorist groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda.”

“Houthi rebels have committed such crimes as murder, displacement, bombing and targeting civilians and using them as human shields to move ahead with their plans. This group has also acted as the Iranian regime’s military arm in Yemen to destabilize the country.”

“The UN Security Council has issued two resolutions, prohibiting cooperation with Houthi rebels. But we see that the Iranian regime is still violating the law by militarily supporting the Houthis.”

“Yemen’s government has a clear strategy in dealing with Iranian regime’s interventions in Yemen. The Iranian regime supported the Houthis from the beginning, both militarily and by training and arming them with smuggled weapons and drones. The Houthi rebel leader said in his recent speech that they have drones and ballistic weapons, which shows there’s a strong relationship between the Iranian regime and the rebels. This is a dangerous sign which needs to be addressed by the United Nations.”

Source: / ncr-iran /