With strong patriotic fervor, the anthems of the two countries, namely, Algeria and Iran were performed followed by the applause of the attendees.

Hailing Iran’s role in fighting terrorism, the newly-appointed Iranian Ambassador to Algeria, Hossein Mashalchizadeh, said, in his address on this occasion, that his country has played a basic part and a pivotal role in defeating the evil phenomenon and is still adhering its commitment to fight terrorism.

Coinciding with the national Shahid day in Algeria, the Iranian Envoy paid tribute to the late Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), who was martyred with Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), in US airstrikes in the Iraqi capital Baghdad early on Friday, January, 3rd , hailing his national resilience against four decades of US pressure and sanctions against Iran.

The Ambassador highlighted that at the height of ISIL’s terror campaign, Soleimani’s pictures on the ground and the frontlines in both Iraq and Syria were widely spread across social networks and media, illustrating his assistance in different stages of wars.

“Soleimani has been praised by both his enemies and foes as a pivotal military tactician and strategist,” he said, adding that Soleimani’s martyrdom will make Iran more decisive to resist America’s expansionism and to defend our Islamic values.

Regarding diplomatic ties, the official welcomed both countries long-standing and exceptional relations in all spheres, mentioning the frequent official visits paid by high-ranking officials and parliamentarians from both sides for the sake to give new prospects so as to provide further impetus and substance to both countries ties and cooperation.

In this aspect, the Iranian Envoy highlighted the friendly and brotherly relations between Tehran and Algiers, saying the bonds are based on long-term friendship and close cooperation.

The Diplomat said that both countries are forerunners in tackling terrorism and extremism, calling for exerting more efforts so as to nip these scourges from the bud.

As regards economy, His Excellency highlighted that the level of the economic exchange between both countries has multiplied, expressing his country’s readiness to further give a new impetus to economic cooperation with Algeria.
The Iranian ambassador referred to his country’s potentials in different fields and also its industrial and technology advancements, mentioning that Iran has achieved self sufficiency in different fields.

In addition, the official stated that Iran, despite the enemies’ plots, has been trying to establish cordial relations with all global countries based on mutual respect and non interference in the internal affairs of other states.

About the issues related to the World of Islam, the diplomat said the ‘Zionist regime is the number one enemy of the Islamic Ummah, urging Muslims to give the Palestinian cause highest priority.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, an exhibition of handicrafts and paintings of hand-made carpets was held with a view to shed light on Iranian culture and arts.

Dignitaries, including Algerian ministers, namely; the Minister of Higher Education, Chems Eddine Chitour, and Energy Minister Mohamed Arkab, representing the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, members of parliament, heads of political parties, ambassadors, academic and cultural figures and Iranians residing in Algeria have attended this ceremony held at the International Centre for Conferences.

It is worth recalling that the Islamic Revolution ended Pahlavi rule in 1979 and established the Islamic Republic in the country.

Iran and Algeria hold regular talks on bilateral, regional and international issues. Regular meetings between the two foreign ministries’ officials, high-ranked delegations within the framework of relations and regular consultations are taking place. Their brotherly relations are deeply rooted and go back to the 1960s. Soon after Algeria’s independence from France in 1962, Iran was among the first countries to recognize it as an independent nation, opening the Iranian embassy in autumn of 1964, in Algiers.

Following the victory of 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, bilateral ties between the two nations developed and the two countries intensified meetings and exchanges culminating in the adoption of similar stances on an array of international issues, particularly the problems faced by the World of Islam like the ones in Palestine and Syria. Algeria is one of countries which have independent positions close to those of Iran on many issues, including in terms of its political literature.

Tehran and Algiers maintain common approaches to regional and international issues. Algeria opposed the Arab League members on giving the Syrian seat in the League to the Syrian opposition, and Algiers resisted taking any kind of military action in Syria, and as for Hezbollah and Hamas, Algeria objected putting their names on the terrorist group list in the Arab League.

Since the very beginning of the nuclear talks and even before the conclusion of the JCPOA, Algeria was positive about Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities and constantly and explicitly defended Iran’s right in international bodies. Following the implementation of the nuclear deal finalized by Iran and six world powers in July 2015, known as the JCPOA, Algeria considered the deal as an important stage in the process of the settlement of the tension and crisis situations, in a view to preserving international peace and security, and development in the benefit of all the peoples.

Algiers had, in 2015, received the first vice president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Eshaq Jahangiri, just after expressing refusal to join the Saudi coalition. The beginning of a deeper cooperation between the two countries is, therefore, also a clear message sent to Riyadh: Algiers wants to diversify its cooperation with Iran, avoiding getting into a diplomatic game that would be dictated by the Americans. Iran’s Hassan Rouhani said the two countries have always backed each other in difficult times and today, whereas the Algerian side stressed that Tehran-Algiers relations would witness further expansion in all domains during the new Algerian administration’s tenure.

Source » tehrantimes