On 22 February, the state-run daily Jahan Sanat News wrote about the regime’s secrecy and lack of transparency and awareness of the extent and origin of the coronavirus outbreak, quoting Mustafa Eqlima, a government expert, who said: “While we have no isolation equipment, two doctors died because of the coronavirus.”

“We do not have a well-equipped hospital for the treatment of those infected by the coronavirus,” Mustafa Eqlima said. “We only have 50 kits for the virus test, so we had to buy it in advance.”

“No one trusts the government. The Ministry of Health is scared to say the exact statistics of the coronavirus, and this widens the gap between the government and the nation.”

Excerpt from the article:

When a crisis arises in a country, the most important issue is timely awareness. You can see an example of it in China. The Chinese government ignored the doctor who first announced the outbreak and officially announced it was too late. But China is so powerful and wise that it quickly quarantined a city with a population of nine million and built a special hospital in ten days to deal with this issue.

For the past two or three weeks, Chinese tourists have been traveling to Iran. The Ministry of Health also announced that authorities are deploying thermometers at airports to monitor passengers’ condition and there is no concern.

On each occasion, the officials of the Ministry of Health talked about this subject, stressing that the virus had not yet reached Iran, while everyone knew that the symptoms of the virus would show itself two weeks later. So, two weeks ago it should not have been said with certainty that nothing would happen.

Now on Wednesday, 19 February, two people were reported dead in Qom as a result of coronavirus four days ago. Imagine how shocked people were about the announcement of the death of two people overnight.

Fear has pervaded all people that when two people are reported to have died, certainly 100 people are infected, but the Ministry of Health does not provide official statistics. Also, because Qom was not immediately quarantined during the announcement, residents in Qom who feared becoming infected fled to the neighboring cities, meaning that patients who were unaware of the virus they were carrying spread it unintentionally when traveling to other cities.

No one trusts the Iranian government. The Ministry of Health is afraid of giving precise statistics, and this lie will widen the gap between the government and the nation. Timely and accurate statistics give the people confidence, but officials continue to insist on their lies. They just said to observe personal health, but do they give people the right information?

The whole country is afraid of getting the virus, because no matter how much they observe personal hygiene, where should they go if they are infected? Do you know that we have only 50 test kits for this virus? We should have bought it beforehand, but no one cares about it.

Interestingly, the Health Minister on Tuesday firmly announced that we have no one infected with coronavirus! So how do two people die in one day? Why shouldn’t people be scared? The people’s confusion has caused them unrest because no one in this country is accountable.

We do not have a well-equipped hospital to treat patients. They collect patients from all over the country and bring them to Tehran for treatment. Hospital doctors are terrified of dealing with patients because they do not know what to do. Only two doctors have died since last night, why? Because we don’t have isolation equipment.

People’s mistrust of the government has reached 90%.

Why is there so little trust in a family today? Due to the lack of transparency of the government with the nation, virtually the country has been shut down. Today, everyone wants to escape Iran by any means.

At the time of the virus outbreak, we did not suspend our flights to any country and perhaps our flights have been increased to China, but in these three days, all flights from other countries to Iran and vice versa have been canceled.

We were safely bringing tourists and students from China. This only shows the irresponsibility and incompetence of the officials and, unfortunately, no organization is not questioning them. If these people were responsible in another country, they would have been 100% executed due to their mistakes.

Qom officials did not quarantine Qom because of the lack of coordination of the Ministry of Health with the rest of other officials. If Qom was quarantined without considering security and political issues, then the Coronavirus would be controlled in that city.

The authorities have never been accountable to the people in these years, they merely throw the ball in each other’s court. The least that the authorities can do for the people is to provide timely awareness to calm people down.

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