15 year old boy sentenced to five years behind bars

The Vice President of the Majlis Legal and Judicial Commission said that a 15 year old boy who pulled down the flag bearing the emblem of the Iranian regime during nationwide protests in Malayer was sentenced to five years behind bars.
Jamaran state-run Website wrote on February 17:
Mohammad Kazemi, the Vice President of the Legal and Judicial Commission of the Majlis, visited Hamedan Central Prison this morning.
He said that during the four-hour visit, Hamedan’s Head of Prisons, presented a report on the situation of the detainees of recent events (protests), saying that about 40 people who were residents of Hamedan, Nahavand, Asadabad and Tuyserkan were detained. Malayer’s representative added that during the visit, he talked with a 15-year-old boy who had lowered the flag of the Islamic Republic in recent events in one of Malayer’s squares.
“At the moment, a court of first instance sentenced him to a penalty equal to five years of imprisonment. The verdict has been sent for review in a court of appeal,” Kazemi said.

Source » iran-hrm

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