Former Governor of Nineveh Province Atheel Al-Nujaifi has called on the international community to intervene and help rid the northern city of Mosul of the influence of Iranian-backed militias who seized the city from Daesh in 2017.

“The conflict of regional interests in Iraq in general and the city of Mosul in particular has disturbed social peace in the city and turned its components against each other,” Al-Nujaifi said in an exclusive interview with Khaleej Online news site.

“The American-Iranian conflict is raging and its arms have cost the city and its people dearly. All of our indicators confirm that we as political actors and civil society are unable to confront the influence of both Washington and Tehran. Therefore we need to involve the international community by internationalising the case of Mosul in order to impose the Iraqi vision adopted by the people of the city, which are not being taken into consideration,” he said.

“Iranian-backed militias have controlled the city’s capabilities since its liberation from Daesh with the aim of achieving financial and political gains by exploiting the security imbalance and their influence in state institutions,” he added.

Source » middleeastmonitor