A show on Iran’s state-TV encouraged domestic violence in an interview with a couple who chose to stay together despite the husband’s constant abuse.

A TV show called “Formula One” invited a man and woman to its studio a few days ago who spoke about their violent relationship with smiles on their faces.

As was obvious, the abusive husband was the one to speak the most with seemingly no remorse for beating his wife.

The couple’s two small children were also sitting in between them. They were all smiles and it was not clear how much they understood the discussion at hand.

The man explained that his wife had taken refuge at her mother’s home 27 times (for each time she was brutalized) during their 20 years of life together.

He even said that he beat her on their wedding night “to vent his anger”.

The show’s host praised the couple for staying together despite the abuse.

The show had a clear message. It’s normal to beat your spouse and if she’s a “good” wife (like the one in the show) she’ll tolerate the abuse.

According to state-run media 66% of Iranian women have experienced violence at least once at the hands of their spouses. It’s important to note that most women do not file charges against their abusers in Iran so one could expect that the numbers are actually much higher.

The head of the women’s committee in Iran’s Parliament said that domestic violence was “pervasive” in Iran but that “few people paid attention to it”.

“Domestic violence is not clearly seen in society because unfortunately a woman who is subjected to such violence, rarely speaks out. This is why many women suffer from it,” Parvaneh Salahshouri added in comments carried by the state-run IRNA news agency in November 2017.

Shedding light on the injustice institutionalized in the Iranian regime’s penal code against women, the MP acknowledged that “if a woman makes a little mistake, it would cause great problems for her, subjecting her to violence”.

“However, when a man makes a huge mistake there is no violence against him,” she added.

Source » irannewswire