Iranian regime executed two prisoners on February 23 and 24, according to the state media.

The first man was executed on February 23, in Shirvan Prison in North Khorasan Province, the state-run Fars news agency reported reported.

According to the same media, another man was hanged in public on February 24 in northern city of Aqqala, in Golestan Province.

Fars did not elaborate the prisoners by name, but human rights activists identified the man who was publicly executed as Ghafour Gari.

Both victims had been found guilty of murder.

In December 2018, the UN General Assembly’s Third Commission condemned the Iranian regime’s abysmal human rights record for the 65th time. The UNGA raised concern over the “alarmingly high frequency” of the use of the death penalty including against minors, “the widespread and systematic use of arbitrary detention,” poor prison conditions “deliberately denying prisoners access to adequate medical treatment,” and “cases of suspicious deaths in custody.”

The Iranian regime has one of the worst human rights records in the world. Year after year, it holds the record of the number of executions per capita.

Source » iran-hrm