On Sunday, pensioners gathered outside Iran’s Parliament in Tehran in protest to their economic woes and low pensions.

Teachers who were participating in the protest chanted for the release of detained teachers and workers.

The protesters chanted, “our income is in rial, our costs are in dollar”, “we call out against all this injustice”, “enough tyranny, we have no food”, “a nation has never seen such an indifferent parliament”, “our problems will be solved if embezzlement end”.

According to ILNA state-run news agency, the pensioners who included retired teachers, government employees, Health Ministry employees and university employees, were demanding higher pensions and better health insurance benefits.

Municipal workers demand months of unpaid wages

Municipal workers in the city of Shadegan in the southern province of Khuzestan gathered outside the municipality on Sunday.

They were protesting six months of delayed paychecks and insurance benefits they had not received for two months in 2017 and 2018. They also said that their health insurance booklets had not been renewed.

Municipal workers of the Pars Abad Moghan in the northwestern province of Ardabil gathered in protest to their delayed paychecks on Sunday.

Municipal workers in the city of Veis, also in Khuzestan Province, gathered outside the city’s municipality demanding their unpaid wages on Saturday.

Farmers demand unpaid paychecks in northwestern city

Farmers in the city of Naghadeh, in the northwestern province of Western Azarbaijan gathered outside the town’s sugar cube factory demanding months of delayed paychecks.

Haft Tapeh sugarcane factory pensioners demand 2 years of severance pay

Retired workers of the Haft Tapeh sugarcane factory in the southern province of Khuzestan gathered outside the factory on Sunday demanding their delayed severance pays.

The 500 or so pensioners said that they had not received their severance pay after two years.

According to the ILNA state-run news agency, the head of the factory had said before that the workers severance pay had not been given to them in 2016 and 2017.

Isfahan pensioners demand delayed paychecks

According to ILNA, retired employees of medical universities, retired steel factory workers and retired teachers gathered outside the Isfahan governorates office on Sunday demanding their delayed paychecks.

The protesters also demanded better health benefits and that changes be made in the budget bill.

They said that the budget bill was not fair and did not consider the interests of pensioners.

Vegetable oil factory workers demand unpaid wages and job security

Workers of the Golnar Vegetable Oil Factory in the southeast province of Kerman gathered outside the Kerman governorate’s office in protest to undetermined state of their jobs and delayed paychecks.

The factory stopped its production in 2016 and since that time, more than 1,200 of its workers have been laid off without receiving their wages.

Vegetable factory workers in Zanjan protest delayed paychecks

Workers of the Jahan Vegetable Factory in Zanjan, northwest of the capital, gathered in protest to their unpaid wages and health insurance issues outside the Zanjan governorates office on Sunday. They have held such protests for several days in a row.

Promises by the factory manager that one month of the workers’ wages would be paid every 15 days have not been kept.

Firefighters gather in southern city in protest to unpaid wages

Firefighters in the southern city of Abadan gathered outside the Abadan municipality on Sunday demanding months of their delayed paychecks.

This is the second time they have rallied. The head of the Abadan City Council promised in the rally that two months of the firefighters’ wages would soon be paid.
The firefighters were determined to continue their rally until the promise was kept.

Source » irannewswire