Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has called for an international alliance against Iran’s support of Houthi militia in Yemen and Tehran’s interventions in the affairs of regional countries.

King Salman who was speaking at the Arab-European summit in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt on Sunday February 24, also called for a political solution to the conflict in Yemen while calling the Iranian-backed Houthis terrorists.

“We affirm the importance of international efforts to support Yemeni legitimacy and bring the revolutionary terrorist Houthi militias supported by Iran to submit to the international community,” he told the summit.

In another development on Sunday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has said at a cabinet meeting that Israel will do whatever is necessary to stop Iran from establishing a military presence in Syria.

Responding to the claim made by Iran’s security chief Ali Shamkhani who had said “Iran his reached 90% of its goals in Syria,” Netanyahu said, “This is not true. They try, but we stop them.”

Shamkhani had also questioned Israel’s intelligence capabilities, saying that Israeli forces have attacked a carpet warehouse, mistaking it for a missile depot. “That was an unforgiveable fiasco!,” Said Shamkhani.

Netanyahu, accused Iranian officials of Lying.

Source » radiofarda