The Regime is Iran is using a misinformation campaign to target its popular opposition, the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), with the intention of reducing the MEK’s influence in Iran and around the world.

Increased international pressure on Iran, which includes sanctions from the US and Europe following acts of Iran-backed terror and Iran’s nuclear missile programme, have dampened the Regime’s revenue. But rather than improve relations with the international community or address the needs of the people, who are out in the streets protesting on a daily basis, Iran hopes that slandering its democratic opposition will distract from the various crises Iran is embroiled in.

Since the end of 2017, Iran has seen a mass uprising by its people, the likes of which not seen since the 1979 Revolution, with the people en-masse calling for regime change, rather than reform. This has visibly shaken the mullahs, who blame the MEK for the protests rather than the 30% unemployment and rapid devaluation of the currency, so they are lashing out.

And the only way they know how to lash out is through propaganda and misinformation in order to turn the world against the MEK, and by extension, the Iranian people.

This demonization campaign spreads the same lies about the MEK that were propagated by former Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini, using regime agents who claim to be former MEK members and written up by journalists who know nothing of fair and balanced reporting.
One recent article in the German Der Spiegel spewed more than 60 lies and baseless accusations against the MEK, with claims that are at best questionable, and was basically a rehashing of information from the Iranian intelligence services.

The question is, if the MEK is as insignificant as the mullahs have often said, then why is the Regime trying so hard to discredit them?

In fact, the Iranian Regime will attack anyone that tries to bring democratic change to Iran and propaganda is the nicest way they do it. Over 120,000 MEK members have been killed in Iran since 1979, with 30,000 being slaughtered in the summer of 1988 alone. Amnesty International, which recently said that Iran criminalises any political activism, said that the Regime’s failure to bring the criminals to justice for this massacre is “an ongoing crime against humanity”.

The Iranian people have made their demands clear. They want regime change because the Regime will not reform. Therefore, the wider world should reject the disinformation campaign and support the people.

Source » irannewsupdate