Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, has announced the development of a new accurate missile, which said it is capable of reaching Tel Aviv and Netanya in the center of Israel, threatening to turn Israeli cities into “hell” in any future confrontation.

In a documentary broadcast on Iranian television, the Brigades’ military spokesman said that the missile was made with the help of Iran, adding that the first missile to be launched by the movement towards Tel Aviv “will be Iranian-made.”

The group had fired Iranian-made missiles at Tel Aviv more than six years ago during the war that erupted in 2012. In the new documentary, Islamic Jihad said its engineers succeeded in redeveloping its rocket arsenal, which was destroyed in previous military confrontations. The movement warned that it would surprise Israel and respond to any future attack.

The Islamic Jihad has been publicly supported by Iran for years. It is the second military force in the Gaza Strip after Hamas, which also enjoys Iranian support. But Iran’s relation with Jihad is more developed, and is not distorted by differences over Tehran’s most sensitive issues, such as the Syrian crisis.

“The actions of the stupid enemy against the Gaza Strip and its inhabitants will turn the occupied cities and towns into hell,” the spokesman said in the documentary. “The occupation has no place on the land of Palestine. Either withdraw from it, or suffer painful blows.”

Source » aawsat