The Iranian people are struggling more than ever. Their purchasing power is decreasing immensely because of the economic crisis and the level of discontent in the country is high. The people have been protesting and holding anti-government demonstrations since December 2017 and they are not set to ease up any time soon.

The Iranian regime’s blatant corruption is one of the reasons behind the protests and the calls for regime change. While the people struggle to afford more and more basic amenities, regime officials have no such problems. The people have watched the Iranian regime, time and time again, plunder the nation’s wealth on conflicts abroad and on terrorist proxy groups and militias.

The latest stunt by the Iranian regime is to export meat that has been imported into the country, increasing the price and making a tidy profit in the process.

It has been reported that the Iranian regime has been able to increase its meat exports by approximately 300 per cent in just one single month.

An economist has expressed his concern about the situation, saying that the news comes at a time when the people are unable to afford meat and their livestock is being exported abroad. Hossein Raghfar said that the Iranian regime has been importing meat products that have been put in warehouses and have not been made available to the people for purchase – simply because the people cannot afford it. The regime then directly exports the meat products to other countries where it sells them for a much higher price.

He said: “The state mafia, especially the members of the Chamber of Commerce of Tehran have sold these products to other countries under the label of exports.”

Instead of taking measures to help the economic situation in Iran, the regime ignores the plight of its own people in favour of money-making schemes, no matter how questionable they may be.

The national currency of Iran – the rial – has lost so much of its value over the past year and this is one of the major reasons behind the diminishing purchasing power.

The Iranian regime has been allocating substantial funds to its imports, but a large portion of the goods never actually even enter Iran. Another portion of the goods that do enter Iran have been sold to the people, but at very high prices.

The vast majority of people in the country no longer eat meat because it is beyond their budget. Some are only able to afford scraps and undesirable parts of meat, and especially meat that has been frozen. Reports from the country also indicate that Iranians sometimes have to queue for hours on end in order to buy meat, and even then they are not guaranteed it.

The Iranian regime’s selfishness is something that the people will not let go of. They have called on the regime to leave Syria and to concentrate on the domestic issues and crises. But they also know that this will never happen – hence their calls for regime change.

Source » ncr-iran