Cities in Lorestan Province are experiencing rising floodwaters after seasonal rains, with water from the Kashkan River expected to hit the city of Poledokhtar if the rain continues. The mayor of Poledokhtar said that 1,000 homes have been evacuated recently.

Meanwhile many roads have been blocked by floodwaters, including those leading to 150 villages around the city of Aligudarz, 70 near Delfan, 60 near Kuhdasht, 15 near Poledokhtar and 20 near Chegeni.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi urged Iranians, especially young people, to support flood-hit areas

Mrs. Rajavi, the head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said: “I call on all valiant youths of Lorestan, Ilam and other western provinces to launch a national solidarity effort to deal with the floods and aid the flood-stricken compatriots. Young people must take the initiative and rush to the aid of our flood-hit compatriots. The facilities usurped by the clerical regime must be placed at the disposal of the public. The ruling mullahs’ criminal cover-up, dissemination of misleading information and inaction have multiplied the scale of damages and human and material loss.”

There are currently flood warnings in 50 cities across Iran, but those in Lorestan Province say that authorities are failing to take adequate measures to deal with the floods and provide aid.

Of course, this is far from the first time that the regime has failed to address a disaster with the urgency it needs.

In January, unprecedented floods hit Sistan Baluchestan, Hormozgan and Kerman provinces, during which at least four people died and thousands were displaced.

These floods caused extensive damage to many impoverished areas, with 500 villages affected in Sistan Baluchestan alone and 20,000 houses destroyed, while a further 130 towns and villages lost electricity. In Nikshahr, 200 villages lost internet and telephone communications, which means that there’s no word on their condition, while many other villages were completely submerged in water, which meant that people lost the little belongings they had.

Many of the roads that connect villages and towns in the region were submerged in water, with several roads and at least one bridge destroyed.

The people here were in dire need of help, with some scaling trees to avoid the rising water, but none came from the regime.

The regime stole the people’s wealth to serve its own malign purposes, using the people’s assets to fund repression and terrorism, but there is no money left to restore and rebuild, let alone to prevent.

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