A Bahraini researcher and political thinker have warned against Iran’s efforts to arbitrage America and its main powers in the Middle East.

The Iranian regime is orchestrating wars to produce Middle Eastern countries liberated from the prevailing international order, said Dr Nooh Khalifa calling for US-Gulf talks to roll back proxy wars against main powers.

He observed that Iran’s negotiators successfully maneuvered with the Obama Administration and moved forward with the formation of a large military force.

“The Iranian regime seeks to create a sufficient distance between Washington and the Gulf to rise as a larger regional power.”

He referred to the wars of the Iranian regime through the Houthis in Yemen, Hizbollah in Lebanon and militias in Iraq and stressed that the time is right for US-Gulf talks to discuss the movements of extremism and colonial entities that are waging proxy wars for Iran as part of a scheme against America and the main powers in the Middle East – which he described as large and very dangerous.

Dr Khalifa announced these findings as he revealed the fourth topic of his study – Bahrain and America: Developments of the Alliance in Security and Peace Issues Between the Reigns of Joe Biden and Ronald Reagan – which includes the dimensions of highlighting the contents of Iran’s threats in key locations in the newspapers as well as implementing specific images and colours to highlight them.

“74 per cent of the news deepened the importance of doubling the strength of perceptions of consensus between the Biden Administration and the Arabian Gulf.

And 22.2pc of the press material that dealt with issues of Iranian threats in Bahraini newspapers were published on the front page,” revealed Dr Khalifa.

“This highlights the importance of the US-Gulf alliance in dealing with the spread of Iranian escalation in several Arab regions which is destined to change the rules of battle by imposing higher control that equals the American Power along with main powers in the Middle East.”

Dr Khalifa stressed the danger of Iran’s moves to encircle the Arabian Peninsula by using Iraq to supply Syria with weapons and fighters while also supporting the Assad Regime, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis to control the free flow of oil and imposing its options on the security of the region, Israel and American bases.

He added that the front pages of newspapers highlighted President Joe Biden’s policies which prioritised nuclear negotiations and considered addressing other issues as a future step – although disappointed at the failure of the 2015 nuclear agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear, missile and colonial activities was still ongoing.

“This warns of a retreat in confidence regarding the seriousness of America’s new policies in maintaining the security of the region unless it adopts an agreement allied with the countries impacted by Iran’s colonial influence,” added Dr Khalifa.

“Newspapers highlighted – through the contents of the nuclear agreement negotiations published in the top upper half of the page – the responsibility of the 2015 nuclear agreement for Iranian nuclear, missile and colonial developments.

“These findings are in line with the results of several studies that suggested that Iran had successfully maneuvered with the Obama Administration and moved forward in forming a larger military force.”

Source » newsofbahrain