According to a human rights group, a young woman who was arrested on the street for “improper hijab” was severely beaten and mistreated in a prison in northwestern Iran.

The website of the Kurdistan Human Rights Network reported that 25 year old Zahra was arrested on Sunday in a street in central Khoy in West Azerbaijan Province for not observing the mandatory hijab. She was then transferred to prison for arguing with the judge.

At 10pm on Tuesday night, when Zahra was helping another female inmate with her child, she was first verbally abused by a prison agent because she was making too much noise and “not observing the lights out”.

After arguments ensued between the two, other agents stepped in and severely beat Zahra. The human rights group said that the beatings were so violent that Zahra’s clothes ripped and her prosthetic leg came out.

The young woman was then tied to the rails in the prison hallway for five hours and was only untied and allowed to return to her room after other inmates pleaded with the guards to set her free.

The Iranian regime is known for using violence against women for not observing the mandatory hijab. Last year a video surfaced which showed female morality police beating and dragging a young woman on the ground because her hair was showing from beneath her scarf.

In another part of the video one of the girls is seen lying on the park ground after being beaten while her friend shouts that she is suffering from heart problems. When one of the girls tells the female officer that she would file a complaint against her, the police officer is heard saying, “you can’t do anything.”

An Iranian official said recently that allowing Iranians civil liberties, including noncompliance with the state’s mandatory hijab, was equivalent to the collapse of the regime.

According to Tehran’s Chief Prosecutor, “The enemy is trying to turn chastity and the hijab into a choice.”

“Therefore they have instigated some people to take off their hijab, trying to make their plans operational, but they were met with the decisive approach of the judiciary and the police,” Jafar Dolatabadi added in January.

Source » irannewswire