On Tuesday, Yahoo Finance reported that Dr. Nouriel Roubini, an economist known as “Dr. Doom,” is predicting Iran will jump into foreign attempts to interfere with U.S. elections — in this case, attempting to sow “chaos” on the world stage to humiliate President Donald Trump and wound his electoral chances in November.

“Four more years of Donald Trump, and between sanctions and military pressure they’re going to collapse,” said Roubini in a Friday interview with “On the Move.” He added that the outbreak of coronavirus, which sickened their own deputy health minister and vice president, increases internal distrust with the regime, and by extension, their desperation to stay in power.

One of the only options left to them, said Roubini, was that “they can escalate tensions … regionally and with the United States.”

The United States and Iran narrowly avoided a major conflict at the beginning of the year after Trump assassinated revered military leader Qassim Suleimani, and Iran retaliated with a missile attack on an Iraqi base resulting in serious brain injuries of U.S. troops.

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