A clinic in the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran was torched on Friday due to suspicions that coronavirus patients from another city were quarantined in it, Al Arabiya reported Saturday.
Rumors claimed that 10 infected people were transported from Qom, a religious city that has been the epicenter of the virus outbreak in Iran, to the Towhid Clinic, according to Iranian social media posts.

The Iranian Fars news agency dismissed the claims of infected patients from Qom were being treated in the clinic as “unfounded rumors,” saying that the rumors “angered” some residents, who torched the clinic. The clinic does have a special ward for coronavirus, but the director of public relations at the University of Hormozgan Medical Sciences, Fatima Norouzian, told Fars that rumors about patients being in the clinic are “just a lie,” according to Al Arabiya.
The BBC reported on Saturday that at least 210 people in Iran have died due to the coronavirus.

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