Iran sinks US fleet in propaganda film

An Iranian-produced animated film depicting the country’s Revolutionary Guards defeating the US Navy in an epic sea battle is soon to open in cinemas throughout the Islamic nation.

The release of the movie comes amid rising tensions over US President Donald Trump’s hard line policies against Tehran.

A preview video of the 88-minute Battle of Persian Gulf II, which took four years to make, has been released.

The film begins with US special forces soldiers attacking a nuclear reactor in Iran and the US Navy launching a strike against targets across the country, reports TheNewArab.

Outnumbered Iranian forces retaliate by launching missile attacks against US warships in the Persian Gulf, sinking many of them.

Iranian officials said the timing of the film’s release is coincidental, but it comes after the Trump administration put the Middle East country “on notice” last month after it tested a ballistic missile.

Meanwhile, Iranians were angered over Trump’s travel ban that temporarily halted their entry to the US before it was overturned by the courts.

On Thursday, President Trump visited a new US Navy aircraft carrier in Virginia where he told gathered sailors he wanted to give the country’s military the “tools” to fight a war and win.

And he said any enemies would feel the full force of US military might if pressed.

“Hopefully it’s power we don’t have to use. But if we do, they’re in big, big trouble.”

Source: / 9news /

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