Foreign ministers of the Arab League have reaffirmed the UAE’s sovereignty over three islands that were occupied by Iran in the 1970s.

In a resolution adopted during their meeting in Cairo, the top envoys denounced the Iranian government’s continued occupation of Abu Mousa, Lesser Tunb and Greater Tunb and what they described as its violation of the UAE’s sovereignty in a way that destabilizes the region and threatens international peace and security, state news agency WAM reported.

The league’s council likewise condemned the Iranian government’s establishment of residential units for Iranian people in the Emirati islands, and requested Tehran “to stop such provocative acts which are considered interferences in the internal affairs of an independent, sovereign state in a way that threatens regional stability and endangers the safety of maritime navigation in the region.”

They also denounced Tehran’s opening of two offices in Abu Mousa island – which they have called for their removal – as well as the visits of senior Iranian officials to the occupied UAE islands, and decried such aggressive steps taken by Tehran.

Iranian military forces seized the three islands on Nov. 30, 1971, just two days before the establishment of the UAE, after British forces withdrew from the islands.

The UAE took its claim to the UN but the Security Council has deferred action to allow an opportunity for negotiations.

Source » arabnews