Reports from Iran indicate that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has led to one thousand of deaths and is now a crisis.

The Iranian Resistance reported that the total number of deaths caused by COVID-19 is now 1000, while the Iranian Ministry of Health reports just 54 deaths.

The hospitals in Iran are under-equipped and understaffed to deal with the virus, even as hundreds of infected patients are entering hospitals.

In a report from Gorgan, in northern Iran, one person reported not being allowed into Sayad Hospital because all the wards were allocated to COVID-19 patients and there were no empty beds. They said the same was true of Army Hospital in Kakh.

The person explained that undercover intelligence agents have been deployed to the hospitals to prevent anyone from taking pictures and filming. There are also bans or delays in reporting deaths, like the 12 that died in Sayad Hospital and Panje Azar Hospital last week.

Ismaiel Iraji, 48, died on February 19 and his family was banned from announcing his death because of a security issue. Of course, the regime just wanted to bring more people out to the polling stations for Election Day, not that it worked at all.

Gholamali Jafarzadeh, the MP for Rasht, spoke to the state-run Asre Iran Website about the conditions in the city, which is the second worst-hit area after Qom.

He said that conditions were “grave and that Rasht was facing more of a crisis than other cities, with the main hospitals turned over to COVID-19 patients, unable to admit new patients, and still undersupplied.

He called the COVID-19 figures announced by the regime “a joke” and said this cover-up is endangering lives.

He said: “According to reports from villages, a number of people in Gilan’s villages who died with COVID-19 symptoms were buried without their cause of death being registered.”

In an earlier interview, Jafarzadeh also said that the regime was covering up the scope of the outbreak.

Ordinary Iranians are unable to access masks, alcohol, and anti-bacterial gel to stop the spread of the virus because the regime is hoarding them and selling them for ten times the price on the black market.

While Tehran City Council said the city is facing a severe shortage of disinfectants to clean the metros, taxis, and busses, as well as few masks and gloves for bus and taxi drivers.

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