The Iranian Resistance has warned the European signatories of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal not to follow through with the proposed informal talks to bring both the US and Iran back to the negotiating table and instead pursue a firmer policy on the regime.

These talks – rejected by the regime – are the latest in a long line of concession that Europe has granted to Iran since the deal was signed, but especially since the US withdrew in 2018 citing Iranian noncompliance.

Britain, France, Germany, and the European Union were committed to keeping the agreement up and running but none of their methods were good enough for the regime, who wanted them to lift US sanctions on oil exports.

The Iranian Resistance wrote: “Iran’s rejection of the proposal for open-ended talks is just the latest example of the regime trying to strong arm Western authorities into disregarding its own escalations.”

They argued that this showed why it was necessary to increase pressure on Iran by reinstating as many sanctions as possible.

The nuclear deal is not a particularly harsh one for Iran, as it actually allows them to continue enriching and stockpiling uranium, as well as actually allowing them to build a nuclear bomb from 2024.

Now, Iran has always said that a fatwa by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei forbids them from using the program for military purposes because that would be anti-Islamic, but Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi admitted last month that this could be revoked at any time and that this would be the fault of those who were tough on Iran.

This gives you an idea about how willing they were to stick to the nuclear deal and if you doubt this, consider that Atomic Energy Organization of Iran chief Ali Akbar Salehi admitted in 2019 that the regime hadn’t really deactivated the core of a heavy water plant at Arak, but rather filled the tubes with concreate and then replaced them with pre-bought tubes after the picture had been taken.

He said: “I could not explain this at that time, but we had a countermeasure, and while we proceeded with the case, they didn’t achieve what they planned for, and we did not become trapped in the enrichment deadlock.”

The Iranian Resistance wrote: “There is simply no excuse for the US or any of its allies to fall for this transparent ploy for one-sided concessions, in absence of any compromise. Iran has flatly rejected that compromise while also exposing its own malign ambitions. Theirs is no reason for Western powers to offer anything more than they already have.”

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