Iranian people have seen new opportunity of life with Donald Trump

The Iranian people have seen a “new vision of opportunity” with President Donald Trump, and now there are ways the president can help those who are seeking to institute democracy there, award-winning author and Iranian dissident Amir-Abbas Fakhravar, who has drafted a new Iranian constitution, tells Newsmax TV.

While in Iran Fakhravar survived imprisonment and torture for his political activities. In 2006 he escaped to the US and became the leading Iranian opposition figure in the West. He serves as the Senate Chairman of the Iranian National Congress, an exile organization, and a fellow of the Institute of World Politics.

“We are asking President Trump to, first of all, get rid of [President Barack] Obama holdovers,” Fakhravar told Newsmax TV’s John Bachman. “We have something called the Iran Desk at the State Department,” which has “regime lobbyists” working officially there.

In about two months, there will be a “new round of giant protests” in Iran, said Fakhravar, who hopes with the help of the international community, regime change can come, much like what is going on in Venezuela.

“That was an amazing job of President Trump and the US administration in Venezuela, to support (Juan) Guaido, and we need something like that,” said Fakhravar.

He further noted that the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was marked within the last few weeks, telling Bachman it was designed by the “Soviet KGB.”

“I mentioned all this in my latest book, “Comrade Ayatollah,” which sold 3 million copies in the Iranian underground market,” said Fakhravar. “Iran had a really good relationship with the US before the revolution. The Shah was a good friend of the United States. Nobody could understand what the revolution was about.”

He also accused Iran of spending money to help Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro “create a Spanish version of Hezbollah in South America, and in Mexico too.”

Source » newsmax

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