Netanyahu calls Iran biggest threat to Middle East

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Iran and its allies were the biggest threat to Middle Eastern security, Russian television showed Sunday.

During the meeting, which took place on Wednesday in Moscow, Netanyahu reiterated his country’s readiness to continue countering Iran and praised the role of Russian-Israeli cooperation in ensuring regional stability.

“Iran and its allies are the biggest threat to regional stability and security”, Netanyahu said, as aired in the “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” programme on the broadcaster Rossiya 1.

Israel has also been opposing what it calls Iran’s military presence in Syria, though Iran itself has stressed that it only sends advisers at the request of the Syrian government.

According to the prime minister, he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had agreed that the withdrawal of foreign forces from Syria was a common goal for Israel and Russia.

“President Putin and I agreed on a joint goal — the withdrawal of foreign forces that were deployed to Syria after the start of the civil war. We agreed to create a joint group to achieve this goal with the participation of other parties,” Netanyahu said at a government meeting, as quoted by his office.

Netanyahu also said that Israel and Russia would maintain a mechanism for military communication in order to avoid accidental clashes between them during operations in Syria.

Source » sputniknews

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