Iranian regime’s henchmen Killed Ghobad Azami, under torture, he was from Javanroud (Kermanshah province), and was arrested on February 28th. The mullahs’ intelligence service shockingly informed his family two days after his arrest, on March 2, that he had committed suicide with poison. Such absurd and blatant claims do not deceive anyone, and only inflames the anger and hatred of the Iranian people towards the regime and increases their will to overthrow this regime.

With the martyrdom of Ghobad Azami, the number of political prisoners who have been martyred under torture reached at least 14 people.

While expressing its condolences for the martyrdom of Ghobad Azami, the Iranian Resistance calls on all the Iranian people, especially the brave youth of Javanrood and Kermanshah province, to protest this terrible crime, and emphasizing that torture is a clear indication of crime against humanity, it asks the Secretary-General, the United Nations Security Council and all international human rights organizations to strongly condemn the mullahs’ regime for the systematic killing of prisoners under torture, and to take urgent action to stop these horrific crimes. Silence and inactivity against the murder of at least 14 political prisoners under torture, within two months, only encourages the religious fascism ruling Iran to continue its crime against humanity.

Source » ncr-iran