Iran regime behind car bomb in Kurdistan

March 02 2018, the Kurdistan Democratic Party inside Iran has accused the regime’s apparatuses of orchestrating the terror bombing.

Mohammed Saleh Qaderi, one of the party’s cadres, said the Iranian intelligence is behind the Thursday bombing, which targeted two of the members of the party in the district of Binslawa near Erbil.

“The Iranian intelligence has been sending threats to the leaders of the party, saying they will target them and their relatives,” he added.

Qaderi said the bombing bears the fingerprints of the regime, affirming the party expected these attacks would be carried out by the regime after the mass protests that swept across the Kurdish regions in Iran.

On Friday Mar. 2, 2018 around 4:00 pm local time the bomb was placed under the chassis of a car belonging to two Peshmerga from PDKI (Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan) and was detonated remotely. The Peshmerga injured were a father and son, which the son unfortunately passed away later in the hospital.

The father, Salah Rahmani 52, and his son, Sabah Rahmani 33, were both veteran Peshmerga and current members of the PDKI. Sabah has lost both his legs in the blast according to a PDKI representative. The PDKI also reported that Salah had, “received several threats from Iran’s notorious intelligence agency,” prior to the attack.

The PDKI is an Iranian Kurdish based organization that directly opposes the Iranian regime and is based out of Iraqi Kurdistan, they have their own reserve of Peshmerga that serve in numerous capacities in support of the PDKI’s mission. The PDKI have been steadily increasing their efforts in counter-terror operations over the years. According to officials, the armed wing of the organization have, “foiled numerous terrorist attacks by the Iranian regime.”

Source » ncr-iran

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