Saber Rezaii, a wounded protester arrested during the nationwide protests in November 2019, has been detained for more than three months in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary without completing his medical treatment.

Saber Rezaii was shot and wounded by security forces in the city of Quds outside Tehran on November 16. He was taken to hospital, but got arrested there. After completion of his interrogations, he was transferred to the Greater Tehran Penitentiary.

Wounded protester Saber Rezaii is accused of “damaging public property.” The Revolutionary Court of the city of Quds has set a bail bond of 1 billion tomans for his temporary freedom.

A source close to Mr. Saberi’s family said, “Saber was shot and wounded by security forces as he was passing the street across from the Traffic Police Headquarters while his hands in his pockets. The bullet pierced through his arms and shot his thigh, as well. People helped transfer Saber to hospital. But later, he was arrested at the hospital by security forces and taken to Ward 2A of Evin Prison. He was accused of ‘damaging public property,’ and was interrogated.

“Interrogators told him that since he is from Kermanshah, he must have weapons. They also claimed that he had pelted stones to public properties. Closed circuit cameras, however, showed that his hands were his pockets and that he had not destroyed anything. Saber cannot stretch his arm and has a lot of pain. Dr. Zare’ii in Khomeini Hospital has prescribed 50 physiotherapy sessions for him but prison authorities have so far prevented his dispatch to hospital.”

A group of political prisoners who are detained in the same room with Mr. Rezaii, wrote a letter to the warden of the Greater Tehran Penitentiary on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, demanding them to attend to his situation. They described his health condition as dire.

Saber Rezaii is 24 years old and studies computer programming at the University of Kermanshah. He had travelled to Tehran in November, to look for a job.

Source » iran-hrm