You could barely find a single day on which state officials or media are not warning over Iranian people’s losing patience with the ruling regime.

Sadegh Zibakalam, a university lecturer close to Rouhani says “many say that it’s no use trying to put the regime right as the system is incapable of being improved. I keep being criticized and attacked by many, accusing me of attempting to prevent the regime from being collapsed.”

State-run EtemadOnline website on February 27, 2018, reports on the problems and sufferings of poverty-stricken people who are fed up with the regime, writing “today, my fellow citizens are cheerless. They’re discontent, tired and full of complaints. It looks like a witch has secretly cast a spell on them. What’s really under the skin of people’s hardships and behind the scenes of our endless tragic series? The officials need to roll out a new plan as soon as possible and rise up against people’s sources of difficulties and unrest. The officials have to believe that people are losing their patience.”

Hossein Raghfar, an economist close to Rouhani, acknowledges that the society is pregnant with events which are the result of policies that have stripped the country of its social assets and pushed the society towards an explosive state, saying “these are just part of consequences of structural adjustment policies that have driven the society to a point of disintegration.” (State-run Fararou website, February 26, 2018)

Meanwhile, Shahindokht Molaverdi, Hassan Rouhani’s Special Assistant, acknowledges in a different way the society’s explosive capacity and people’s hatred for the ruling regime, saying “the most important gap in our society today is the one between the government and people. We need to figure out how to use such discussions to reduce such gaps rather than causing them to grow even deeper.” (State-run Khabaronline website, February 27, 2018)

As could be seen, every regime official is worried about the society’s eruptive state and the ruling regime’s fate, while such recommendations like “devising a new plan”, “not to let people down” or “closing the gaps” only serve to prove the point.

But is it really possible for the ruling regime to come out with a new strategy or to close the gap between itself and the Iranian people?

It’s clear that the answer to such questions is an absolute NO. The Iranian regime had nearly 40 years, only to show at the end that — due to its backward and anti-people nature — it has totally acted against Iranian people’s interests and pushed the society to today’s eruptive state by oppressing people and plundering their properties; conditions that the depraved Iranian people can no longer stand. They want the regime in its entirety to collapse and are not going to settle for anything less.

The fact is that the gap between people and the ruling religious fascism has grown to a level that is not going to be fixed by anything other than a regime collapse, a true demand reflected in the Iranian people’s recent uprising and protests in the most expressive way possible.

Source » ncr-iran