In a message from prison, addressing the regime and its judiciary this political prisoner said: “You violated my rights. At least let me donate my body organs. I doubt that I will remain alive for one or two more days. I do not eat food or drink water and I do not even allow injecting serum.

I should have been freed on August 29 according to the law but I am still in prison and I don’t even have my rights like my own bed and separation of crimes according to the regulations of prisons organization and I ,like many other political prisoners, am incarcerated in the ward of ordinary prisoners who often incited to harass us.

After I was transferred to the prison of greater Tehran, I was threatened with death and rape and I defended myself hardly. Prison officers and Guard, incited prisoners or infirmary nurses allow themselves to insult us, and when I respond, they telling us to have good manners and morals.

Our crime is that we do not remain silent in the face of oppression.

Now that you do not free me and do not even let me stay with my friends like Arash Sadeghi or Manoochehr, at least let me donate my body parts and organs.

It is noteworthy that Soheil Arabi was arrested and sentenced to death penalty in Tehran’s Penal Court Branch 76 in September 2014 on charges of insulting the sanctities and the Muslim’s prophet on Facebook. The Supreme Court of Justice also confirmed the verdict in December of that year. However, the international community protested against Soheil Arabi’s sentence and as a result, his sentence changed to 7.5 years of imprisonment and banned from traveling abroad for 2 years.

A number of people struggle or refuse to receive medication and treatment in recent months in order to fight against the unfavorable situation and extraneous deprivation of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.

Source » ncr-iran