Yesterday’s Osama Bin Laden, Today’s Ghasem Soleimani

In an article titled ‘Yesterday’s Osama Bin Laden, Today’s Ghasem Soleimani’, the London-based Al-Arab newspaper writes on March 2 “Ghasem Soleimani, Commander of Iranian (regime’s) Quds Force, is managing a hundred thousand militants spread throughout the Middle East.”

Official American delegations and organizations are increasingly asking for Iran to be held accountable and its military arm be listed as a terrorist group. They’ve also demanded that Ghasem Soleimani, Commander of Quds Force, be put to trial due to war crimes and terrorist acts, which are no less than what Osama Bin Laden did.

Many political and information figures believe that Soleimani has committed a lot of crimes, not just in the Middle East but even in western countries.

Kenneth Timmerman, author of ‘countdown to crisis’, believes that Soleimani not only follows Bin Laden in terms of the degree of crimes committed, but he’s now absolutely more dangerous than Bin Laden, with more bloody hands than any other terrorist in the world. So, now it’s the time to put an end to his crimes. American analysts say that the failure to investigate Soleimani has made him less well-known among western circles and people than Bin Laden.

Soleimani is regarded as a symbol by the Iranian regime and its extremist supporters around the world. Timmerman believes that Soleimani is a symbol who intends to establish a caliphate or an Islamic state, the one the Iranian regime is promoting.

The Iranian regime is trying to symbolize Soleimani as a strong man who is going to realize the ‘goal of the nation’, that’s why he attends the wars in Syria and Iraq to encourage Shiite militias to fight to death. The number of forces under Soleimani’s command are estimated by Americans to be a hundred thousands, spread throughout the Middle East.

Soleimani’s role is not merely limited to undermining the foundations of security in the region, but he also interferes with political issues, distributing ministerial positions in countries under his thumb, and sometimes even appointing their Prime Minister.

With Trump in power, there’s been an increasing amount of requests for putting an end to Iran’s destructive intervention in the region and listing Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism, with Soleimani being marked as the leader of terrorists.

Terrorist experts believe that Quds Force is the Revolutionary Guards’ foreign arm, emphasizing that it has done things that could internationally be regarded as terrorist acts.

Quds Force was involved in founding Lebanese Hezbollah, providing them with military, financial, and training support so as to enable them carry out terrorist acts and dominate Lebanon after getting rid of Rafiq Hariri, former Lebanese PM.

Experts say that Iran has a long history of sponsoring terrorism, giving shelter to members of Al-Qaeda in an agreement with Osama Bin Laden during the ‘90s, with some of Bin Laden’s family members still living in Iran.

Quds Force is also accused of carrying out terrorist acts inside the United States, including the assassination attempt of Adel al-Jubeir, former Saudi Ambassador to the US.

And according to Pentagon itself, Soleimani and his men have been involved in training terrorists to make explosive devices and use them in Iraq and Afghanistan against American troops. That’s why the Americans have a great desire for investigating the Quds Force and its commander.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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