PMO Head Mohammad Rastad informed that Iran is to construct a new major trade port with the ability to receive ocean ships along the southern Makran coast.

According to Mohammad Rastad, the port will be built in three phases with a capacity of 100 to 200 million tons, therefore it will be the country’s largest trade port in the future.

Emphasizing that the development and creation of commercial ports is a very important and strategic step by the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) on the shores of Makran, he added based on the conducted studies, the best possible location determined for implementing the project is in Jask, southern Hormozgan Province, Iran.

The official added that the project and construction of the required parts will begin after four years to be inaugurated in 11 years.

“Due to the fact that container transport has the biggest share in maritime trade in the world today, by the construction of this port, our country will have closer access to the east-west world trade route outside the Strait of Hormuz, which will be an advantage,” he said.

Rastad said that this port is to be Iran’s container hub in the future.

Source » hellenicshippingnews