Maldives Ambassador Iran plays a Negative Role in the Region

Maldives’ Ambassador to Saudi Arabia revealed that his country has rejected an Iranian regime’s request to start a radio station in the country.

Interviewing with ‘Asharq Al-Awsat’ newspaper, Abdullah Hamid said that his country is devoid of sectarianism and religious extremism, and doesn’t need to promote any other ideology.

“We are a Muslim country”, he said, “We don’t have sectarianism or similar issues in our country. We are quite familiar with the Iranian regime’s true ideology and its negative policies in the region, which is nothing new. That’s what they’ve been doing for many years.”

Maldives’ Ambassador to Saudi Arabia also reminded that his country cut its relations with the Iranian regime in May 2016 following the attacks to Saudi embassy and consulate in Tehran and Mashhad, respectively. “What happened was absolutely unacceptable”, he added.

Hamid said that there are evidence and facts showing that the Iranian regime is involved in many cases in the region, including Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. “They deploy a third party to indirectly target Saudi Arabia. While civilians are being killed with ballistic missiles fired by Houthis to Saudi Arabia, the fingers are pointed at the Iranian regime at the end of the investigations. Thus, the Iranian regime is playing a negative role in the region, and that’s something that we don’t accept.”

Abdullah Hamid pointed out that diplomatic relations between Maldives and Tehran has never been strong.

“We had relations with them, though it was never strong “, he said, “sometimes the Iranian regime offered to help us, acting like someone who was window-dressing. They often asked us to allow them set up a radio station in Maldives, a request that we instantly rejected.”

Source: / ncr-iran /

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