On Monday, March 5, the strikes and protests of the frustrated people, especially the deprived classes, continued:

1. The general strike of the workers of the Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Company, including the workers of the agricultural, equipment and engineering sectors, continued for the second day. The Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Workers Syndicate announced on Sunday, March 4, that after the suicide of Ali Naqdi, a deprived cane cutter, the salaries of the workers for the month of January have been paid. But the salaries of other workers of other parts of the factory, as well as February salaries and the benefits and bonuses of the end of the year, have not yet been paid.

2. The workers of the Ahvaz Steel National Group continued their strike in front of the Ahvaz Governorate for the thirteenth day. They chanted: We stand, we die, we get our rights. On Monday evening, a group of workers and families and relatives of detained workers gathered in front of the Ahvaz court.

3. More than a hundred U-TA-TEC workers from the southern oil and gas industry in Bushehr went on strike in protest of their unpaid demands that are between one and seven million tomans (~ $200-$1400) per worker. The corporation, which belongs to the Revolutionary Guards Corps, continuously threatens to expel and arrest the deprived workers. Workers are protesting late wage payment, situation of dormitories, and the lack of minimum essential services.

4. Tabriz railway workers stopped working for the second day in protest of not getting paid their wages and refusing their official recruitment.

5. Hundreds of deprived farmers of Varzaneh in Isfahan, who have been protesting the regime’s refusal to give their water rights since a few days ago, gathered in front of the Benroud Province. They say the clerical government has promised them lies and the governor does not do anything for the farmers.

6. A group of Haftgel de-salting workers protested against the regime’s governorate.

7. Workers of the vegetable oil factory of the industrial city of Shourmast of Savadkouh gathered in the factory to receive their five months’ unpaid salary.

8. Khorramshahr Municipality workers gathered to protest against non-payment of their six months’ salary in front of the office of Khamenei’s representative.

9. Fuel carriers gathered in Tehran in protest of the monopoly on the distribution of fuel to the regime’s dependent companies in front of the regime’s oil ministry.

10. Workers of the Gorgan municipality’s outbound and underground projects gathered to receive months of unpaid salaries at the Gorgan City Council.

11. Ghaemshahr textile workers continue to protest because they did not get paid for three months of salary.

12. The workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, on the twenty-second day of their protest, chanted in front of the Tehran City Council: Mayor, be ashamed, think about us! The workers are awake, they hate thefts; one less embezzlement, our problem will be resolved.

13. Workers at the Hafez Tile factory in Zarqan in Fars province, called for payment of their several months’ unpaid salary by gathering in front of the factory.

14. The merchants and shopkeepers in Jolfa objected to not releasing their goods and causing damage to them in the office of the Assistant Economic Directorate of Aras. On the eve of Nowruz, they are deprived of being with their families due to poverty and cannot provide for their livelihoods.

15. Those who were approved by the Ilam Agriculture Supervisory Board and have completed all legal procedures for recruitment, gathered in front of the governorate of the city due to the failure to recruit them and their deteriorating livelihoods.

16. A group of looted people at the Vali Asr Institute in Nasim Shahr, Tehran province, demanded that their deposits be returned.

17. Merchants of the city of Daran in Isfahan Province gathered to protest the economic turmoil.

Source » ncr-iran