Iran Police Fire at Students for Having Fun

Police agents of the Iranian regime in Baluchistan fired at Sunni Baluch citizens resulting in two students of Khash being shot. Three other people were injured by punches and kicks.

On Thursday evening of 2nd March, five students from Khash who were driving in their car to Iranshahr “for fun”, were shot at and wounded by police.

Saman Shahnavazi was shot in the arm and neck and Asim Shahnavazi was shot in the leg.

Saman Shahnavazi, a student of building technology engineering, explained the issue: “The agents were plain clothed and first they threw nails under the car and we got a flat tire and then without any warning they started to fire at us, and ignored our cries that we were innocent and students”.

He added: “The agents fired at us for half an hour and finally came close to us but before calling the ambulance, they started to beat us.”
Thus far many Sunni Baloch youths have been killed and injured in shootings by security forces. No authorities have ever taken accountability for these actions and officers have benefited from impunity.

According to local reports, last year (2016), at least 26 Baloch citizens were killed and wounded by gunfire from lawless police and security forces in Baluchistan.

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ifmat - Iran Police Fire at Students for Having Fun 1

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