While the whole world tries to restrain the crisis of the coronavirus with the least damage to the people, the government in Iran is using this as a weapon against the people. One of the unresolved problems of the Iranian community is unemployment, especially women’s unemployment. According to statistics over the past year, more than 1 million women out of 3 million working women have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. Women from different strata, such as nurses and women, are the first victims.

There are several reports about the unemployment of the unemployment of the women especially in areas such as public services. Nurses are suffering much more than other areas because of their conditions due to the pandemic, while having no premiums and government support. On January 10, the state-run ISNA news agency reported that more than 70 percent of the workers who have become unemployed due to the COVID-19 are women. But surprisingly the seasonal report of the Iranian Statistics Center for the summer of 2020 evaluated women’s share of the employment market was rated as reasonable.

Women are the first victims of the coronavirus

In the subject of employment, women have suffered more than men. Because women enjoy lower income, savings, and support. A greater share of unstable jobs belongs to Iran’s women. Women who were employed in jobs such as hairdressers, food centers, hotels, halls, schools, kindergartens, etc. have lost their jobs or are working part-time.

Arman daily, quoting Alaeddin Azvagi, director of the Ministry of Labor Employment, wrote: In the spring of 2020, compared to the spring of last year, about 749,000 cases of women’s employment decreased, and in spring until summer 2020, about 120,000 other women’s employment has been reduced – which indicates the effect of coronavirus on women’s employment.

10 percent of the female heads of households have a job opportunity

The situation is worse than what it is thought to be. The state-run Salamat News website quoting a judicial authority wrote:

“Only ten percent of women in the household have access to job opportunities. While 30 percent of these women are at least familiar with a profession. Due to the process of the increase of household women, the unemployment cycle continues to grow.

4 million female headed households have been abandoned

According to statistics, 4 million Iranian women are household women and the main income source of their families. But these women have never been recognized in this sovereignty. They are not receiving any support. These women are exposed to a variety of damage without having government empowerment. In addition, their children are also dark and blurred fate, facing the life of a child labor.

Of the 4 million household women, only 850,000 are covered by the Welfare Organization. It is clear, in what a condition the rest of the 3 million women are living, while not covered and supported by any government organizations.

Educated women and the army of the unemployed

According to the data center, more than 40 percent of the unemployed people are graduates. Of course, women’s share in this area are more than men. In provinces like Kurdistan and Kermanshah, unemployment and poverty have pushed educated women to extreme hard job, if we could call them even jobs, like cargo porters, famous in Iran Colbar.

Fars News Agency wrote: “In the border provinces, 60 percent of the jobs are informal. The purpose of the government about unofficial jobs are that kind jobs that the government does not recognize. Therefore, it has the right to attack them whenever they want, mostly attacked people are the cargo porters in the west areas of Iran and the fuel porters in the east of Iran.”

Women nurse first victims

Nurses, 80 percent of whom are women, are another strictly vulnerable strata that their rights and incomes are not paid by the government living mostly on the line of poverty, or below it.

More than 50 percent of the nurses are contracted. That is, temporary contracts with private companies or private hospitals. They are not hired, so they do not have at least a job security.

In this case the state-run news agency quoting and official wrote: “The Ministry of Health added a percentage to the nurses’ incomes, then it cried it out everywhere. But this increase in the salary is belonging to all treatment staff and not specific to nurses. Contract nurses have been used since 2014. That is, exploitation in a new way. Due to the strong mafia of the Ministry of Health, this exploitation is much more.”

According to Ghazanfar Mirza Beigi, the head of the entire nursing system, out of about 145,000 nurses, 60,000 were infected with the coronavirus and 6,000 were quarantined and about 100 people lost their lives. Most of them are women.

Source » iranfocus