The Iran Regime’s Cyber Attacks on Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has proposed a coalition of Arabic Gulf countries to deal with cyber warfare. Main threat is the Iranian regime.

Dr. Abdul Razzaq Marjan, a digital expert, told Sky News television: The Iranian regime has directly entered in terrorist cyber war against Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Abdul Razzaq Marjan, digital expert:

Now, all carried out attacks against Saudi Arabia is supported by one government and this government is the Iranian regime. All cyber attacks in 2016 were related to important political events.

In the Islamic Conference in Turkey, Lebanese Hezbollah was recognized as a terrorist group and the Iranian regime was held accountable for its positions. After that, the Iranian regime began its threats very clearly.

If we take into account technical capabilities, the reality is that the Iranian regime does not have the power and expertise to produce viruses and destructive programs at this level. But as some intelligence reports indicate, the Iranian regime hires companies for this purpose. Like terrorism that it hires terrorist groups such as Hezbollah to cause havoc on earth. It does the same in cyber warfare. These companies proceed to sabotage and build the viruses. Symantec is one of the companies that has disclosed this. Of course this is not an intelligence war but a terrorist-electronic war because it is focused on a particular country, Saudi Arabia, for political reasons.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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