An Iranian doctor in the northern city of Gorgan said that the country was facing a “human catastrophe” in its handling of the COVID-19 crisis. The Iranian regime announced Iran’s COVID-19 fatalities as 354 across the country and put the number of infections at 9,000.

But sources affiliated with the National Council of Resistance said that the death toll exceeds 3,300 and that 149 cities have been affected.

According to an audio file of the recorded voice of a doctor at Sayad Shirazi Hospital, at least 20-30 patients died every day at this hospital alone.

The translated summary of the audio file, which is a conversation between the doctor and his friend, can be found below:

“We are going towards a human catastrophe. The numbers of fatalities are horrid; 20-30 every day. The morgue doesn’t have any more room. Conditions are catastrophic and it’s more than war (casualties).

It’s not clear what the (Health) Ministry is planning to do… Only the lucky ones recover. During this week, I’ve seen more than a thousand COVID-19 patients. I’ve seen their tests. I don’t know what’s happening. A 35-year-old person comes in and receives the strongest treatment but dies after 72 hours without having any previous ailments.

Because of the idiocy of the system that did not take the issue seriously, we’re on the verge of a human catastrophe.

Mashhad in northeastern Iran has the same conditions. Shariati Hospital is full, and they opened Imam Reza 2. They’re talking about allocating the whole healthcare system to corona. All the surgeries have been canceled and surgeons are seeing COVID-19 patients. Because we don’t have anyone else. First year psychology residents are even seeing COVID-19 patients.

If you get COVID-19 you have to be lucky to stay alive because hospitals have no facilities.

Conditions are much worse than you think. We had 17 fatalities only last night in Sayad Hospital. Seventeen is not a low number. During normal times, we had four deaths.

The sick person comes who is around 35 years old and doesn’t have very strong symptoms but then we see that his lungs are white (in the CT scan). What is this?! What are we supposed to do?! We’re forced to let some of them leave and they go into society and infect ten others.”

The regime has yet to enforce serious quarantines in the country. This and lack of hospital facilities has led to the high rate of Iran’s COVID-19 fatalities.

Source » irannewswire