European countries have foiled an increase number of terror threats over the last year, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. Many of these incidents were left unreported until now.

In one incident, which occured last December, Austrian and Bosnian authorities arrested two separate groups of Syrian and Afghan refugees who were found to be holding arms and ammunition. The arrested parties had photos of Israeli and Jewish targets in Europe, leading authorities to believe that their motives may have been connected to Israel’s war against Hamas.

In another arrest from late last year, a group of Tajik nationals had been detained following suspicion they were planning an attack on the Cologne Cathedral in Germany and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. The attack had allegedly been planned for December, when both places of worship would have received hundreds of visitors for Christmas.

On Monday, as was also reported by the Jerusalem Post, Italy arrested three Palestinians thought to be members of Hamas’s al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. Italian police claimed that the three had been planning an attack against civilian and military targets in Europe.

Only a week ago, a teenager in Zurich swore allegiance to ISIS before stabbing an Orthodox Jew.

In 2021, but only made public last month, two Iranian agents posing as a married refugee couple flew to Sweden, where they plotted the murder of three prominent Jewish leaders.
The new terror threats

Investigators cited by the WSJ said that in addition to increased threats, the planned attacks were coming from new sources.

While terror threats during 2015 had mostly originated from Islamic State from Syria and Iraq, terror attempts were now being traced to Islamic State’s Afghanistan-based successor, Iran, Hamas, and other Iranian-proxies.

German authorities, in 2023, began targeting domestic Hamas and Hamas-affiliated individuals who had planned attacks against Jews throughout Europe. Four people had reportedly been arrested who had received an order from Hamas to open a secret cache of weaponry to use in the attacks.

Hamas, Hezbollah, and European organizations close to them have used the war in Gaza for propaganda, recruitment, and fundraising, German security officials said.

Since October 7, Hamas and Hezbollah have both reportedly received an increase in donations from Europe, which has been used as a fundraising hub and safe house for their terrorists.

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