Iran hangs four prisoners in Urmia Zahedan

Four prisoners were hanged in the cities of Urmia, northern Iran, and in Zahedan, west of the country.

Three of the prisoners, identified as Naji Omarzadeh, Khalil Salehi and Hossein Ebrahimi, were hanged on Monday, March 11, in Urmia Central Prison.

The prisoners were transferred to solitary on Sunday to be executed the next day.

On Sunday, the Iranian regime hanged another prisoner in the city of Zahedan, eastern Iran. The prisoner was identified as Ebrahim Karkije, 33, married and father of two.

He and another prisoner were transferred to solitary confinement days before the execution. The other prisoner is said to be still in the solitary and awaiting execution.

The Iranian regime has one of the worst human rights records in the world. UN human rights bodies have condemned Iran on 65 occasions. Year after year, it holds the record of the number of executions per capita.

Iran’s human rights record recently came under sharp criticism at the U.N. Human Rights Council, with a U.N. expert singling out Iran’s crackdown on dissent and practice of sentencing children to death.

Source » iran-hrm

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